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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Jacki & Paul’s Sunset Engagement Session

Hey friends! I’m excited to post Jacki & Paul’s Sunset Sunset Engagement photos! This session had it all! Sun, rain, clouds, and sunset! We started off with the rain clouds moving in from the West. I had to move fast because I wasn’t sure how long the rain would last or how heavy it would be. […]

Fall 2017 Mini-Sessions

Mini-Sessions are here! Let’s be honest, family photos are something we all want to do but usually don’t get around to. I’m offering an affordable, quick, and easy option. For $135 and 15 minutes, you could have beautiful family photos that you’ll always be able to look back on. I’m especially excited about the donation to […]

Mariah & Spencer’s Redmond House Wedding Photos – New York Wedding Photography

Hey everyone! Another week, another blog! I’m excited to share Mariah & Spencer’s Redmond House wedding photos with you all! For this wedding, everything was held at The Redmond House near the Finger Lakes region. Mariah and the girls got ready upstairs while Spencer at the guys were downstairs. The ceremony was set in one of […]