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Anthony & Kristen’s Buffalo Wedding Photos

Hey everyone! Today, I get to share Anthony & Kristen’s Buffalo Wedding Photos! These two make up one of the sweetest couples and their amazing wedding party truely made my job easy! We started off in a hotel where the girls committed some mild-vandalism (photo not shown 😜) and ended with the bride behind the DJ booth. Everything between those two points was perfect! From the church, to the reception, it was an incredible wedding day! Congrats to Anthony & Kristen!

01-Buffalo Wedding Photos

02-Buffalo Wedding Photos

03-Buffalo Wedding Photos

04-Buffalo Wedding Photos

05-Buffalo Wedding Photos

06-Buffalo Wedding Photos

07-Buffalo Wedding Photos

08-Buffalo Wedding Photos

09-Buffalo Wedding Photos

10-Buffalo Wedding Photos

11-Buffalo Wedding Photos

12-Buffalo Wedding Photos

13-Buffalo Wedding Photos

14-Buffalo Wedding Photos

15-Buffalo Wedding Photos

16-Buffalo Wedding Photos

17-Buffalo Wedding Photos

18-St John Lutheran Wedding

19-St John Lutheran Wedding

20-St John Lutheran Wedding

21-St John Lutheran Wedding

22-St John Lutheran Wedding

23-St John Lutheran Wedding

24-St John Lutheran Wedding

25-St John Lutheran Wedding

26-St John Lutheran Wedding

27-St John Lutheran Wedding

28-St John Lutheran Wedding

29-St John Lutheran Wedding

30-St John Lutheran Wedding

31-St John Lutheran Wedding

32-St John Lutheran Wedding

33-Reinstein Wedding Photo

34-Reinstein Wedding Photo

35-Reinstein Wedding Photo

36-Reinstein Wedding Photo

37-Reinstein Wedding Photo

38-Reinstein Wedding Photo

39-Reinstein Wedding Photo

40-Reinstein Wedding Photo

41-Reinstein Wedding Photo

42-Reinstein Wedding Photo

43-Reinstein Wedding Photo

44-Reinstein Wedding Photo

45-Reinstein Wedding Photo

46-Reinstein Wedding Photo

47-Reinstein Wedding Photo

When you met at Wegmans, you stop there on your wedding day!48-Wegmans Wedding Photo

49-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

50-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

51-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

52-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

53-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

54-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

55-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

56-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

57-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

58-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

59-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

60-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

61-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

62-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

63-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

64-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

65-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

66-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

67-Joseph's Catering Wedding Reception

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Wedding Vendors

Hair: Care Fradina from Salon Berardo
Makeup: Jamie Ruggerio
Wedding Venue: St John Lutheran
Reception Venue: Joseph’s Catering
Bridal Salon: M.A. Carr
DJ: Sound Express
Cake: Ohlson’s Bakery
Transportation: Triple Crown Limousine

Thanks for viewing Anthony & Kristen’s Buffalo Wedding Photos!