I am sooo excited to share Colin & Carly’s Finger Lakes wedding photos with you all! Many of you have already seen the teaser of Colin & Carly under the stars I posted yesterday. I love this photo so much! Thanks for all the positive feedback so far!

I first met up with the bride and groom about a year ago when they were looking for a wedding photographer. I was really excited when they chose me because I really thought we’d work well together. Soon after that, we did their engagement photos (which you can see here) and I knew I had a couple that really cared for each other AND were a lot of fun to work with. That’s a great combo. Fast forward to now and I get to share their wedding photos with you!

We started things off at Carly’s parents AMAZING house in Rochester, NY. Seriously, I’m going to start bringing couples here to do sessions. ;) All the girls were getting ready and there was a great buzz around the house. Once hair and makeup was done, and the dress was on, we went outside for a few shots. After that, it was time to head over to Bristol Harbour which is right on Canandaigua Lake in the Finger Lake region.

Since Carly’s father wasn’t at the house, he hadn’t seen her yet. I thought it would be a good idea for a mini-first look with her dad. Since my daughter was born, these moments have become much more emotional to watch and capture, and this time was no different. I love it when a dad gets to see his daughter for the first time, all dressed up on her wedding day. It’s just so special. It’s obvious these two have a great relationship.

Next up was the ceremony, nestled in a beautiful spot at Bristol Harbour with an incredible view of the lake and surrounding mountains. As the sun began to go down, Colin and Carly were married. Right after, we had some time before it got dark to get some great photos of the wedding party and, of course, the bride and groom. With such a great location and couple, it was easy to come away with amazing photos.

After dinner, toasts, and dancing, I had an idea for one more photo…under the stars. We set up the shot and then brought the bride and groom out. It was getting chilly so, thankfully, I only needed a few minutes with them. I knew I had what I needed to put together something incredible. This is definitely one of my favorite images this wedding season. With the lake and mountains in the background, the way the Milky Way lined up, and even capturing a shooting star – it all came together so perfectly!

01-rochester-wedding-photos 02-rochester-wedding-photos 03-rochester-wedding-photos 04-rochester-wedding-photos 05-rochester-wedding-photos 06-rochester-wedding-photos 07-rochester-wedding-photos 08-rochester-wedding-photos 09-rochester-wedding-photos 10-rochester-wedding-photos 11-rochester-wedding-photos 12-rochester-wedding-photos 13-rochester-wedding-photos 14-rochester-wedding-photos 15-rochester-wedding-photos 16-rochester-wedding-photos 17-rochester-wedding-photos First look with dad!19-bristol-harbour-first-look 20-bristol-harbour-getting-ready-wedding Lovin these black & whites with Colin!21-bristol-harbour-getting-ready-wedding 22-bristol-harbour-getting-ready-wedding 23-bristol-harbour-getting-ready-wedding 24-bristol-harbour-getting-ready-wedding 25-bristol-harbour-getting-ready-wedding 26-bristol-harbour-getting-ready-wedding 27-bristol-harbour-getting-ready-wedding

This location!28-bristol-harbour-wedding-ceremony 29-bristol-harbour-wedding-ceremony 30-bristol-harbour-wedding-ceremony 31-bristol-harbour-wedding-ceremony 32-bristol-harbour-wedding-ceremony Gorgeous! 33-bristol-harbour-wedding-ceremony 34-bristol-harbour-wedding-ceremony

35-bristol-harbour-wedding-ceremony 36-bristol-harbour-wedding-ceremony I love this look…”We did it!”37-bristol-harbour-wedding-ceremony 38-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 39-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 40-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 41-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 42a-Bristol-Harbour-Wedding-Photos 43a-Bristol-Harbour-Wedding-Photos 44-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 45-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 46-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 47-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos WOW!48-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 49-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 50-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 51-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 52-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 53-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 54-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos Those mountains tho 👌🏼55-bristol-harbour-wedding-photos 56-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 57-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 58-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 59-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 60-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 61-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 62-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 63-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 64-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 65-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 66-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 67-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 68-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 69-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 70-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 71-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 72-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 73-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 74-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 75-bristol-harbour-wedding-reception 76-bristol-harbour-wedding-stars-over-lake

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Wedding Vendors

Hair & Makeup: Rock Paper Scissors Salon
Venue: Bristol Harbour
Caterer: Bristol Harbour
Bridal Salon: The Wedding Dress & Tux Shop
Videography: Filmwell Studios
Band: Brass Taxi
Florist: Rockcastle Florist
Cake: Upper Crust Cakery
Transportation: Platinum Limo
Party Rentals: Hank Parker Rentals

Thanks for viewing Colin & Carly’s Bristol Harbour Wedding!

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