Well, this is it. This is the first wedding I ever shot. It was 2007, I loved photography, and had just bought a Canon S3 which boasted a whopping 6 megapixals! Back then, that thing was the most valuable thing I owned, and I loved it. My good friends Jeremy and Courtney asked me to be a 2nd (but separate) photographer at their wedding. Not thinking much about it, I said, “sure.” Little did I know what was starting that day. Today, I make my living as a full-time photographer and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve known Jeremy for almost 20 years. His family is like my second family. So, to be able to document so many important moments over the years is something really special. As you scroll down, you’ll not only see photos from their wedding, but the moment they told their family that Courtney was pregnant, their maternity photo session, and finally, the culmination of it all, baby Will.

Thanks again to Jeremy and Courtney for getting me started on this crazy journey!

Let’s start it off with the wedding!
Jer & Court Blog-01

Courtney and her dad.
Jer & Court Blog-02

Jeremy’s dad officiating.
Jer & Court Blog-03

I love this look from Courtney!
Jer & Court Blog-04

Jer & Court Blog-05

The men…
Jer & Court Blog-06

Jer & Court Blog-07

Jer & Court Blog-08

Six Years Later

“I’m pregnant!”

Jer & Court Blog-09


The Maternity Session

Jer & Court Blog-10

Jer & Court Blog-11

Jer & Court Blog-12

Jer & Court Blog-13

Amazing light that day!
Jer & Court Blog-14

Jer & Court Blog-15

Jer & Court Blog-16

Jer & Court Blog-17

Jer & Court Blog-18

Jer & Court Blog-19

One of my favorites
Jer & Court Blog-20

Jer & Court Blog-21

Jeremy + Courtney = Will
Jer & Court Blog-22

Little feet…
Jer & Court Blog-23

Jer & Court Blog-24

Jer & Court Blog-25

Jer & Court Blog-26

Jer & Court Blog-27

Jer & Court Blog-28

Jer & Court Blog-29

Jer & Court Blog-30

Story time!
Jer & Court Blog-31

Jer & Court Blog-32

Jer & Court Blog-33


[…] She’s got gorgeous blue/grey eyes (at least for now) and a head full of strawberry-blonde hair. She was wide awake but mostly content for our short session. I’m looking forward to doing another session in a few months with the whole family! Check out previous photo sessions with this family here! […]

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[…] that I decided to make a run at being a wedding photographer. Theirs was the second wedding I shot (see the first here) and I still can’t believe how well it went. A few weeks before their wedding, I had seen a […]

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