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Happy New Year! It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything so I’m really excited to start off 2014 with an awesome engagement!

Kevin is one of my oldest and closest friends, so when he asked me to capture his engagement at the Hotel @ the Lafayette, there wasn’t much to think about. He did an incredible job putting together a really special night for Susan, despite the fact that it was around zero degrees that night.

Susan was under the impression that Kevin was snowmobiling in the Adirondacks and was coming to the The Lafayette expecting to have dinner with some friends. Little did she know, they were all in on it, along with 30 other friends and family members that had arrived an hour before her. When Susan arrived, she was immediately greeted by one of her nephews and one of Kevin’s nephews. Each of them held a chalkboard sign, one read “Kevin” and the other “Susan.” She was then led through several rooms, where her parents, friends and relatives were waiting, each handing a red or pink rose to her.  She followed the long chain of loved ones, collecting roses as she went. Her father was the last person in line, holding the last rose. After a long embrace, she stepped out into the courtyard where a good friend who was singing “A Thousand Years,” and Kevin was waiting for her.

Soon after she said yes, the courtyard flooded with all of their friends and family to congratulate them. It was a really beautiful sight.

Special thanks to Gabby from After 5 Events for her help in planning and organizing the night. She did a really great job!

Let’s start it off with a few shots of the signs the kids held for Susan along the way
Kevin & Susan Blog-01

The setup…
Courtyard Pano-Edit-2

The nephews
Kevin & Susan Blog-02

She’s here!
Kevin & Susan Blog-03

Kevin & Susan Blog-04

Kevin’s parents…
Kevin & Susan Blog-05

Kevin & Susan Blog-06

Kevin & Susan Blog-07

Kevin & Susan Blog-08

Kevin & Susan Blog-09

Kevin & Susan Blog-10

Kevin & Susan Blog-11

Susan and her dad
Kevin & Susan Blog-12

Kevin & Susan Blog-13

Kevin & Susan Blog-14

The moment
Kevin & Susan Blog-15

She said yes!
Kevin & Susan Blog-16

Susan with her dad (I love that her aunt is checking out the ring!)
Kevin & Susan Blog-17

Kevin with his mom and sister
Kevin & Susan Blog-18

Kevin & Susan Engagement Event-338

Now for a few couple shots
Kevin & Susan Blog-19

Kevin & Susan Blog-20

Kevin & Susan Blog-21

Kevin & Susan Blog-22

Show me the bling!
Kevin & Susan Blog-23

When I got home (outside the city) I noticed how bright the stars were so I took a few shots. It was a beautiful end to a great night.
Stars Pano-2

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