Hey friends! I’m excited to share Liz & Rich’s Letchworth State Park wedding photos with you all! Liz and Rich had a less traditional day, but one that was absolutely perfect for them! I love that they did what they wanted and what fit their personalities and relationship.

We started off at the Allegiance Inn in Mt. Morris, NY. A beautiful place that has it’s roots in the 1830s. Liz and Rich got ready on separate floors, but met up in the garden for a first look. It’s always a special moment when you see the person you’re about to marry, for the first time, on your wedding day. That emotion is why I love shooting first looks. Although it’s not traditional (although becoming very popular), I’m able to capture moments and emotion that don’t happen otherwise. After a few photos in the garden, it was time to head over to Letchworth State Park for the ceremony!

The couple chose a beautiful location in the Park at the Tea Table Overlook. Once the ceremony ended, it was right into the reception at a nearby pavilion. With family and friends around, they danced, ate, and even sang a few songs together. Before the night was over, we found a great spot in the woods where the sun was shining through the trees. That’s where I got some of my favorite shots of the day.

Congrats to Liz & Rich! Thanks for having me on your special day!

Father & Son01-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

02-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

03-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

04-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

05-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

06-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

07-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

08-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

09-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

10-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

11-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

12-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris Wedding_Blog

13-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

14-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

Love this!15-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

16-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

17-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

18-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

19-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

20-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

21-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

22-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

23-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

24-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

25-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

26-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

27-Allegiance Inn Mt Morris First Look Wedding_Blog

28-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

Love those expressions!30-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

31-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

32-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

33-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

34-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

35-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

36-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

37-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

38-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

39-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

40-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

41-Letchworth State Park Wedding_Blog

42-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

43-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

The view of the overlook44-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

45-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

46-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

47-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

48-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

49-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

50-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

51-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

52-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

53-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

54-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

55-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

56-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

57-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

58-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

59-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

60-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

61-Letchworth State Park Wedding Reception_Blog

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