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Pete & Jen’s Weber Farm Maternity Photos


jenIt’s been a awhile since I’ve posted anything but a wedding, so I’m really happy to share Pete and Jen’s Maternity Photos with you! Jen is always one of the first to “Like” a photo I post, (thanks for that!) and Pete and I talk football all the time. I’ve known Jen’s family for most of my life, so when Pete came into Jen’s life,l it was fun and exciting to watch.

I feel privileged to have been able to photograph all of their important moments as a couple, starting with their actual engagement. This is back when I was just starting out as a photographer (notice how most of the photos have that 2010 “tilt” to them?). I then did the engagement shoot, the wedding day, the maternity session, and soon, newborn photos!

Thanks for having me along with you guys, it’s been awesome to see you grow together and as a family!


First a few from the engagement…
Pete & Jen Engagement Photos_copyrighted-1-Blog

Pete & Jen Engagement Photos_copyrighted-3-Blog

Pete & Jen Engagement Photos_copyrighted-2-Blog

And now the wedding day…Pete & Jen Wedding Photos_copyrighted-3-Blog

Pete & Jen Wedding Photos_copyrighted-1-Blog

Pete & Jen Wedding Photos_copyrighted-2-Blog

We decided to go back to the same place we did their engagement session. Thank you Webers!Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-1-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-2-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-3-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-4-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-5-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-6-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-7-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-8-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-9-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-10-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-11-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-12-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-13-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-14-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-15-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-16-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-17-blog

We found the “A” from the engagement shoot! (If you don’t know Pete & Jen, their last name starts with “A”.)Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-18-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-19-blog

Pete & Jen Maternity Photos_copyrighted-20-blog

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