Hey everyone! It’s been an incredible year at Nick Dantonio Photography! This past year, I photographed 25 weddings across the region–over 15,000 photos were delivered to happy clients! I’m unbelievably grateful to all my clients and all you that have read, viewed, liked, and shared my work. Truly, it means the world to me. A few years ago, I put all my eggs in one basket: Nick Dantonio Photography. I quit my job and went full time with the business. Thankfully, it paid off! I get to work for myself, and work for you. Thank you to my incredible wife, who has been so patient and understanding. Being the wife of an entrepreneur isn’t easy, especially when you add two kids (and a third on the way) into the mix. She has handled it with grace and strength, as well as being the one to tether me to the ground. Thanks, Baby! Also, I would be remiss not to mention my main second shooter, Jeb McConnell (of Jeb McConnell Photography). He’s been responsible for many of the great photographs you’ve seen on this blog. Thanks for all your hard work, Jeb!

The Contest
Alright, on to the contest! This is where you get to vote for your favorite wedding of 2016! Below are highlights of all of the full day weddings I shot this year. To see more, you can click on the couples name Just make sure you come back to vote at the bottom page!

You can vote once every 12 hours (no cheating!). The contest starts now and will end next Tuesday, January 31st, at midnight. The couple with the most votes will get $100 to spend on wall art or an album, so make sure you SHARE THIS! (See social media buttons at the bottom of the page.)

Sam & Ashley
01- Vote for Your Fav
Drew & Freida
02- Vote for Your Fav
Josh & Jessica
03- Vote for Your Fav
Brett & Cait
04- Vote for Your Fav
Charlie & Kristina
05- Vote for Your Fav
Rich & Liz
06- Vote for Your Fav
Mark & Margot
07- Vote for Your Fav
Charlie & Kate
08- Vote for Your Fav
Frank & Sarah
09- Vote for Your Fav
Greg & Amy
10- Vote for Your Fav
Mark & Alex
11- Vote for Your Fav
David & Gretchen
12- Vote for Your Fav
Chris & Abby
13- Vote for Your Fav
Chris & Sam
14- Vote for Your Fav
Colin & Carly
15- Vote for Your Fav
Cory & Ryan
16- Vote for Your Fav
Dave & Jessi
17- Vote for Your Fav
Nick & Kasey
18- Vote for Your Fav
Chris & Hillary
19- Vote for Your Fav
Nate & Alissa
20- Vote for Your Fav
Mike & Alex

Jon & Michelle
22- Vote for Your Fav
Jay & Taryn
23- Vote for Your Fav

Vote Here!

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